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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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area. a massive fire in san francisco engulfs an apartment building and spreads to two more. we are live at the scene with a look at the damage and what we are learning about the rescues. major international news, on the 100th anniversary of world war i the u.s. strikes against syria, and we have reaction and the action russia is vowing to take. and so much going on, including the weather, and that's the story all of us will be facing. i was outside last night for too long and my rain jacket was not enough. >> it was coming down
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>> that's what happened. >> it may come downside ways because it is in a thunderstorms. let me broaden this out and i thought i put it into motion, but there's still a few pockets to deal with through the morning commute. sutro tower showing how much is in the air. mainly gray from noon to 4:00, and then another wave of showers and possible thunderstorms this evening. hi, sue. >> good morning. the lingering water on the roads causing problems out there. you could see on the map the green is where it is raining and could affect your commute this morning. it still looks like it's coming down in the santa cruz mountains, and checking on the accident in the right lane before redwood estates could be in the clearing stages there, and we do have an accident southbound 880, the off-ramp, glass in the roadway there as well so heads up and use caution
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and some standing water could be an issue for a while until it drains out and we will check on that in just a few minutes. sue, thank you. now to the breaking news in san francisco. a huge fire sent several people to the hospital. >> it ignited at 23rd and anza and spread to two more buildings. kate larson is there. kate, what is happening now? >> reporter: well, reggie, i actually just spoke to one of the other renters that lives in the house and i will step out of the way and it started in the yellow house and there are three different units in there, and she tells me around 1:45 this morning a neighbor knocked on her door and when she opened it there was smoke filling the building, and she and the firefighters tell me it started in the top floor, the attic space. you can see how big and high and just by looking at it how hot these flames got. the neighbor tells me her
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upstairs neighbor says a candlelit curtains on fire. i did speak to the fire department about injuries. three people injured and two taken to the hospital, and one with an unknown medical condition and one with burns and the one that did not go to the hospital also had burns. and the woman that lives in the middle unit, she said she woke up to knocks on the door from her neighbor, and she realized she needed to get out quickly. >> when i open the door i saw smoke and that's it and i told my family to ran out of the house. >> and there's a lot of furnitu furniture, and i think there were a lot of people living in that building and there was a lot of furniture and beds to get around. >> reporter: actually the fire chief tells me there were chief tells me there were hoarding conditions.
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[ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the red cross is on scene trying to figure out where they can send these people, friends, family, or through accommodations. people are standing with blankets right now hoping to get help somewhere and we will know more in the next hour -- >> i think we need to get out of this. kate, we are losing your audio and we apologize for that and will checking with yo throughout the morning. the stormy weather that continues to strike the bay area, another big story. >> waking up to damage in your neighborhoods. matt keller is live in the los altos hills. matt? >> reporter: good morning. i just checked the outage map from pg&e and there are more than 1,000 customers without power in the los altos hills. it was dangerous overnight, a lot of power lines and trees coming down overnight and they have a roadblocked right here as
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they have pg&e crews working on the lines to get power restores. check out the power poles and lines knocked over by a tree. gusts were reaching 72 miles per hour, and los altos hills saw plus miles per hour winds. just be careful out there. a lot of debris came down overnight and the wind knocking things out on the roads and i saw that as i was driving here this morning, so you may be the first person to come across a downed tree or power line, so be extra careful out there. matt keller, abc7 news. downed trees are an issue this morning skprpbgs a downed tree fell in oakland and landed on an suv. a woman was inside, and people from a nearby bar came and helped her out and we are told she is okay, and this is the second tree to fall on that block just this week. abc7 news was in alameda where another big tree came down on
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constitution way and marina village parkway and caught many drivers by surprise. chances are you heard and saw the storm overnight. we want to see your photos and video, and post them in social using the #abc7now so we can use them on the air. syria is condemning a u.s. strike on one of its basis. >> seven people killed and nine others hurt in that assault. the target was the air base which officials say was used by syrian warplanes in tuesday's chemical attack on civilians. state-controlled syrian tv aired what they described as exclusive footage of the aftermath of the u.s. attack. >> and this morning on "good morning america," senator marco rubio says president trump now knows the u.s. must work to remove syria's president.
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>> i think president trump -- he will have to speak for himself and the administration will have to speak for themselves but they understand more fully today than a week ago that as long as bashar al assad is in power you will not be able to achieve the objective of defeating radical islam and terror in syria. >> and president trump ordered the attack in syria for the attack on its own people, and people are reacting to the news of the u.s. strike. let's go to abc7 news lisa amin gulezian. >> the missiles launched and in a matter of minutes reactions for and against president trump's decision came pouring in. we caught up with one senator. >> what i do not support is any further escalation until there's a strategy and congress
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authorization. >> many bay president trump for not getting prior authorization. >> this was a meaningful strike. it is related to the attack, but it's a very limited step. if assad has more chemical weapons, we ought to take steps to destroy them. >> reporter: many bay area residents disagree with tonight's missile attack. >> it's good that we are finally doing something, but i don't know bombing them is the right thing to do. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. and then expecting a vote to confirm neil gorsuch, and this comes after senate republicans triggered the so-called nuclear opention and that means gorsuch just needs 51 votes instead of just needs 51 votes instead of the customary 60.
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let's go down into the south bay and into the santa cruz mountains, and boulder creek, you are going to be wet for the next hour or so because of the rain. and then the cool neighborhood in san francisco, most of us about 55 to 56 degrees. we have financial district, if you are heading that way, 57. downtown, 57. santa clara, 52. walnut creek, pleasanton, petaluma and 65 degrees from the coast to 65 degrees from the coast to half moon bay and will get a touch of the spring warmth on sunday. still cold along the coast in
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san francisco, and sausalito. tonight it's going to be cooler than this morning. the heater may kick on. mid to upper 40s. the clouds up there, not a solid deck and a few light showers possible. if you are traveling around the state the storm is going to continue to nail the sierra, and say, the central coast. we have a winter storm warning, possibly down to 6,000 feet. be careful on the passes. this will go through 6:00. you could see moderate snow tomorrow. sunshine. what do they call that, a bluebird day? >> yeah, that's it. right now we have green on our map and that means rain for your commute. as mike said, it's moving east and south. earlier accident in the santa cruz mountains cleared out of lanes, and so we do have an
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accident partially blocking the right lane and glass on the off-ramp on southbound 880 near alvarado niles. hopefully a tow truck will get on the scene and clear that out. and flooding, standing water in the roadway southbound 101 to southbound 85, so heads up there. tahoe, chain requirements on all the sierra freeways, 80, 50, and 89, all requiring chains at this hour. we will come back with a b.a.r.t. delay in a couple minutes. a very unusual protest being planned this morning and it involves pizza and muni. we told you about a bill that would make sweeping changes to the bail system and now we are hearing strong reaction from are hearing strong reaction from law
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5:14, and from the live desk this morning we are tracking news out of san jose where a man was hit and killed by a train. authorities were called to drake street just before 10:30 last night where there were reports of a man holding a sort of weapon, possibly a rifle standing on the tracks. and the authorities found the body of a train track several
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blocks away from the scene. no weapon was found and authorities do not believe it was a suicide. and then police are investigating a disturbing find, a dismembered body. authorities found the body at skyline college yesterday morning when they were looking for a missing person. police arrested a man listed as the resident of the home and they are questioning him now. it's not clear whether the unidentified victim is the missing person authorities were originally searching for. happening now, police are looking for this missing woman in marin. she was seen eight days ago. 5'6", 130 pounds. if you see the 26-year-old, police call the sausalito police. and new developments in the manhunt for the missing tennessee teenager and the teacher accused of kidnapping her. >> the first look, the family of
5:16 am
the tennessee missing teen ramping up their search for answers. >> i would urge her, are filtering her, and not letting her see how much people out here love her, and it would make better sense for you to turn yourself into law enforcement. >> comin cummings is accused of kidnapping the 15-year-old thomas. her family now filing a petition in court against cummings looking for information, planning to question under oath anybody that may know what happened in the days and months leading up to their disappearance. >> we definitely have concerns that there are people that have been told not to talk. >> abc news, new york. new this morning, it plans president trump plans to
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nominated khan from lyft. he worked as a policy adviser to mitch mcconnell. take a look at this. what a view, right? abc7 news was invited up to the 60th floor of what is now san francisco's tallest building. the ceremony was held yesterday and after three years of work it stands at 61 stories and 1,070 feet high, and the ceo says he expect to have 10,000 employees working in the building starting in july. still beautiful despite how hazy and rainy it was yesterday, right, mike? >> most of the day was nice and then we had the showers developing in the afternoon hours and then the whole thing came at us during the evening hours, and it spent itself during the overnight hours, and
5:18 am
this is what we are left with on live doppler 7. you can see it on mt. st. helena. and we have a few light showers in the northern part of sonoma county. we have a few light showers moving through the heart of the bay and you can see the shield sinking into the south bay and santa cruz mountains and it's going to hang around for the next couple of hours. spray is coming up from the cars on 280 and 17 in san jose. we will have a chance of showers and breezy conditions, and thunderstorms, the best chance is today and that would mean lightning, small hail and brief heavier rain and locally gusty conditions. more chances of rain next week but chances are smaller. today we are going to downgrade this to a here we are from 6:00 to 9:00, you can see the best chance of showers across the north bay.
5:19 am
there will be rogue showers at noon, and 5:00, isolated showers. 7:00 through midnight, you can see the yellows and oranges move through, and then tomorrow from 8:00 to noon, another chance of heavier showers and then breaking out into sunshine late tomorrow afternoon. the forecast, cool tomorrow and then a slow warming trend until the next storm arrives on wednesday and thursday. let's go to the richmond san rafael bridge where we had earlier high wind advisories, and still want to cling to the steering wheel. traffic is light so far, getting across the span from the east bay into marin county. we have a couple of bay ferries out of vallejo cancelled this morning, and there will be buses in place. the 6:00, 8:30 and noon ferries have been cancelled, and b.a.r.t. is having weather
5:20 am
related issues, there were trees on the tracks and they cleared those out but the first few trains out the fremont will be delayed. ace trains running on schedule out of the central valley. we will take a look at an accident in the union city area when we come back. >> sue, thank you. a different sort of protest in san francisco today. demonstrators plan to post photos of themselves eating pizza on social using #eatingpizza. the organizer tweets that the demonstration is to show solidarity with the homeless neighborhoods. the event was spiked after a senior citizen was cited after eating pizza in a muni market. many law enforcement leaders oppose a bill that would shut down the money bail bond system in california. supporters of the proposal says california's current bail system favors people that can afford to put up cash instead of being
5:21 am
held in jail. a number of county sheriff's believe judge's could take a person's economic situation into consideration. >> that's what the judges are for. the judges can make a determination, and i heard of cases where judges will reduce bail or let somebody out on or on their own recognizance. that's the role of the court and judges and that safety valve is in place. >> this calls for the release of more suspects based upon their flight risk and the charges they face and still has many hurdles from becoming law. and next, the seven things you need to know to start your day. >> plus, a girl found living with monkeys. and they are releasing more unbelievable details. unbelievable details. the lawma
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they only gave me one.
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need to know today. number one, a fast-moving fire drove several people from their homes in the richmond district and three people got hurt and that fire gutted one house and damaged two adjoining buildings. if you are on the road watch out for downed trees and power lines. this is what crews are dealing with in the los altos hills because of rain and gusty winds. pg&e is scrambling to get the power back on and the polls fix fixed. two two homes may need to be red tagged because of the mud. civil engineers will assess the damage to see what repairs need to be made there. we made it through the first storm and now let's take a look at what will happen with the second storm, and it's still offshore and will bring us a burst of heavy showers and thunderstorms from about 7:00 to midnight this evening. number five, we have a b.a.r.t. delay out of fremont, and a new accident just come
5:25 am
into the traffic center, and this is in fairfield westbound near 80 near air base parkway, and two right lanes are blocked and it's involving a big rig so you can expect delays headed towards 80 westbound. the russian military says it will help syria strengthen its air defenses after the u.s. strike. number seven. get ready to pay more for tax and to register your car. and the assembly passed the package to help the crumbling roads and bridges and will now go to the governor's desk. and then a young girl was found living with monkeys in a foreignest in northern india. this is taken after she was found. officials say she was between 10 and 12 years old, and when she
5:26 am
was found she was not able to speak and ran on all fours and ate off the ground and the money she lived with attacked the officer that initially found her. the officials are scouring reports of missing children and she still can't speak and is eating with her hands and starting to walk-up right. >> apparently she is doing better and she was malnourished when they got they don't know who she is. a california congresswoman is responding this morning to the strike in syria. and then the power out for thousands of people in the east bay as crews deal with the damage from last night's storms. >> it's 5:26. here's a live look outside and we are keeping a close eye on the winds today and it looks the winds today and it looks like right now nothing like wha
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we made it to friday. we are tracking a whole lot of news, though, today. and sue in is for alexis smith. from storm number one, the worst of it is over right now and it was pretty powerful and lived up to its reputation. >> when you say storm number one, that means there's another one. >> you picked up on that, good. here's a look at doppllive dopp. you can see the heavier rain across the south bay. and you can see sutro tower bouncing around and it will be breezy today, no doubt about it, just not as windy as yesterday and expecting no damage today. it's mild this morning. we will get a little break from
5:30 am
any showers, and still breezy at 4:00, 62 to 64. the second storm starts to arrive at 7:00 and that's where we have the potential for brief and heavy rain and thunder and lightning and small hail. we will take a greater look at that coming up. here's sue. we have a couple cancelations in the vallejo ferry. buses will be in place there. a 20-minute b.a.r.t. delay out of fremont due to weather delay condition. and ace three is running on time, and ace number one was canceled this morning, so three is running on time this morning. that's good news there. we will check in with a new accident in fairfield and one near the macarthur maze in just a few minutes. and then firefighters still on the scene of this big fire on the scene of this big fire involving three
5:31 am
ev enza and 23rd. >> reporter: i am going to step out of the way, and you can see the fire started in the yellow house and it spread to both apartment buildings on either side and started around 1:45 this morning. let's look at cell phone video shot by a neighbor this morning. you can see how high and intense those flames got, within 15 minutes the fire department had to upgrade this to a three-alarm fire, and there were at least 10 people who live in the house who were displaced as a result of the fire, and there are several other people in each of the apartment buildings that also cannot go home. three people injured and two taken to a hospital. i spoke to several people that live in the yellow house and one woman lives on the first floor and says she was quite traumatized by the fire this morning. >> really upset. i lost a friend in the ghost ship fire, so this is, like,
5:32 am
bringing a lot back. yeah, i lived here for three years, so this is, like, my home, and it's really upsetting. >> i hope the door and i saw a lot of smoke, and that's it, i don't know what happened. >> reporter: that second woman lives on the second floor of the building and she says her upstairs neighbor came banging on the door and saw flames outside and evacuated immediately. the downstairs neighbor tells me the man that lives in the attic space where the fire started says a candlelit a curtain on fire. it's a very chilly and damp morning, so trying to find shelter for these people that don't have family or friends to go and stay with right now, and there are teams on scene investigating the cause of the fire and we will bring you updates all morning, and kate
5:33 am
richmo richmond, abc7 news. and then the other top story, the weather and the damage left behind. a lot of you will be waking up to downed trees, power outages and flooded roads all factors this morning. >> what may have kept you up all night? the wind. it could impact your morning commute. matt keller is live for us in los altos. >> reporter: reggie, the wind kept people up overnight and it knocked down a bunch of traes. we moved since the last time we saw you and we came across the tree on the border of the los altos hills and los altos, and it crashed into one of the stop lights here at the entintersect, and they have blinking reds because people will have to stop when they come to the intersection and check it out and go when it's safe. overnight several spots in nearby los altos hills saw power
5:34 am
lines go down and trees go down, and when we say howling, we really mean it. listen to this, 46-mile-per-hour wind gusts was reported in los altos hills, and 72-mile-per-hour wind gusts in los altos hills, and i just checked the pg&e website and they show more than 1,000 customers without power here in los altos hills, and more than 250 customers without power, and hundreds and hundreds more as pg&e is scrambling to get power restored to these homes. matt keller, abc7 news. >> and pg&e crews are trying to restore power in several locations across the east bay, including martinez. police have closed down the streets because of fallen trees. if you see any downed power
5:35 am
lines, stay away and call 911. here's a live look at the map we just pulled up on our computers, and can you see where the biggest concentration, if it's red that means there are 5,000 or more customers without power, and that is where we see oakland right now, and i am going to zoom in more and you can see just -- you will see them pop up, and you will see how many customers are in the dark. and pg&e is trying to get the power back on as fast as they can. and firefighters fear two homes in the oakland hills may need to be red tagged because of a mudslide. the mudslide knocked out utilities there and that forced people to be evacuated from 12 homes. >> we don't suspect or expect this to worsen as of right now, but it all depends upon the rain and the wind. >> secivil engineers are lookin at the house to see what kinds of repairs are going to be
5:36 am
we want to change to international news, the air strike on syria. >> president trump ordered an air strike after the assad air strike after the assad regime used on its own people. alanna has more on the strike and the reaction. >> reporter: from two american destroyers in the mediterranean, the u.s. launched 59 tomahawk missiles at syria. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> reporter: the president at his mar-a-lago resort urged the
5:37 am
international community to condemn assad for using the gas on his own people, but putin says he regards aggression. many are praising the president's actions, and others say congress should have been consulted. >> democratic senator, tim kaine, called the president's failure to consult congress unlawful. >> the big question is what comes next. this is to be believed a one-time surgical action, and more crippling to assad, and anything further would require congress approval, and particularly important would be russia and china. there's criticism that
5:38 am
president trump should have consulted congress. and democratic senator nancy and democratic senator nancy pelosi made this statement. let's talk about some good news, the damaging winds are over. high-wind warning and wind advisory and all that expired and still going to be breezy but not expecting more damage out of these. 20 to 21 at half moon bay, and 30 in san carlos. 15 in napa. the calm in livermore. the calm in livermore. and we will have and then mass transit, damp this morning but drier this afternoon. on the roads, most likely wet
5:39 am
this morning compared to this evening, and then once we get through the evening commute at 7:00, healthy storms could roll in. and then this is the spread across the and about 56 in san francisco. lows tonight are going to drop into the mid and upper 40s, so significantly cooler this morning, about 10 to 15 degrees, and may need the heater. temperatures are going to top out today for us, mainly in the low to mid-60s. look at this, rain all the way down to fresno and possibly down to cal poly, and 90 in palm springs. let's focus in at tahoe at 41 degrees there. chances of rain are healthy for today, and not so much for tomorrow. we will get a break sunday and monday. a series of weaker storms tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will take a look at that in
5:40 am
the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. we have a system wide b.a.r.t. delay that they are saying is weather-related. and fairfield area, in the clearing phases on westbound 10 near the air base. and the green is where the rain could affect your commute this morning, and then we have a stall near 880 and grand avenue, and the people were out of the vehicle and last seen walking down the roadway, and so that could be a dangerous situation so extra caution. the red sensors, that's bridge backup, and we are going to be back in a few minutes. and then jimmy kimmel gets emotional remembering his friend and guest, don rickles. the moment you may have mixed
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the abc7 news app. download it now. take a look. this is what happened after a tree fell on to a car at mills college in oakland. thank goodness nobody was hurt when it came crashing down in when it came crashing down in the parking lot boulevard at the entrance. one person inside this home was sent to the hospital after this tree crashed down, and no word on their condition. and you see it right there, it happened just before 8:30 last night. the lanes re-opened but not until 11:30 and the backup was huge. it took hours for this to clear up. here's a live look now at the bay bridge, as can you see, back to normal. we did send you push alerts on this incident and all the weather issues going on across the bay. keep up today by downloading your news app and make sure you
5:45 am
enable those news alerts. and then the controversial billion dollar transportation package. bottom line, we will pay more for gas and to register our cars. it took nearly nine hours of debate. governor brown got exactly the two-thirds margin he needed, barely scraping by. it was unclear whether democrats would get enough votes because republicans raised concerns saying the tax would hurt low income families and the governor argues it would create jobs and cut costs on car repairs by fixing the roads. >> this helps people because their cars are not going to get as broken as they are under the bad roads and a lot of them will get jobs, and it's part of the prosperity of california, and we can't be a third world country with crumby roads. >> the new tax starts in 2020.
5:46 am
new from the live desk this morning, a new victim from the terrorists attack in london in march has died. she was a 31-year-old romanian that was visiting london. she fell into the river from the westminster bridge and she was rescued but now she has died from her injuries and that means the death toll from the attack stands at five, and the attackr was shot dead by the police. the firefighters are trying to determine what started this fire overnight. oakland fire posted the video on twitter. can you see how intense the individu flames were. the winds really kept it going. no word on if anybody was inside at the time or what may have sparked it. new this morning, the owner of the west oakland building where the owner of the building says she is heartbroken.
5:47 am
he said we grieve for the four lives lost. kim is offering to pay for one of the victim's funerals. kim leases the building at san pablo and mead to non-profits. it provides low income housing and kim was in the process of evicting the nonprofit for allowing living conditions to deteriorate. since the fire kim retained lawyers and a high profile public relations strategist. the fire has left 115 people homeless. a coalition of oakland faith-based organization launched websites to raise money to help the victims. tributes keep coming in for don rickles, and jimmy kimmel was emotional. >> i know it sounds crazy to say he was too young, but he was
5:48 am
because he was youthful and funny and sharp and generous, and i was fortunate enough to not only have don on this show as my guest, but also to become close to him and his wife, barbara. >> kimmel says he asked rickles over and over again to appear on his show and finally rickles accepted the invitation and celebrated kimmel's birthday more than a decade ago, and he said he was the greatest talk show host of all-time. >> that is really saying something. mike, last night was really something. tonight you say the rain will come back but not be as bad? >> i don't think it will be quite as bad. still will have isolated areas where we could have locally gusty winds and a brief downp r downpour. as far as the widespread nature and the damaging widespread winds from last night, i don't think that's going to happen again. you can see rain deep into the
5:49 am
south bay and santa cruz mountains. isolated showers push into northern contra costa county. you could see up across the north bay, and heading over towards calistoga, and st. helena a. few light showers there. and then the fastest winds and heaviest rains are going, and our next system is this batch of cloud cover coming in from 7:00 to midnight tonight. to midnight tonight. and the rainfall totals, rafael, 2.5 inches. tomorrow's storm has been downgraded to a one because the rain is not going to be heavy enough to flood and the winds are not going to be fast enough to create damage. from 6:00 to 9:00, residual light showers to round out the morning commute, and a few random showers around at noon, and then the yellows and oranges starting to move into the north
5:50 am
bay, and then through about midnight, and then tomorrow morning about 8:00 to noon, another chance, even a smaller scale and by tomorrow evening it's over and we will get a lot of sunshine and slightly warmer weather after being chilly tomorrow and breezy, and monday into tuesday, clouds increase, and so do the temperatures and then a one light for wednesday and thursday. sue, that rain really came down sometimes last night. >> it did. this is highway 85 at 101. check that out. very dangerous hydroplaning conditions here. that is since on the mend, i should say, and this was just a little while ago this morning we were reporting that for you. elsewhere, metering lights have been turned on at 5:28. you can see the stackup towards the macarthur maze at the bay bridge, and then the other side, the camera whipping around due to the winds there, and t
5:51 am
the new section of the bay bridge. and then we had an earlier problem southbound 880, and this is just south of the maze near grand avenue with a stalled vehicle in lanes there, so heads up if you are traveling that y way. we will be back and tell you about a b.a.r.t. delay coming up in a few. new details about the controversial muni red lanes in san francisco. new data shows if they are actually improving safety and traffic. first, this is just unbelievable. this dog found days after his owner dies trying to rescue him. plus, san francisco police plus, san francisco police went to
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
former prosecute connected in the death of a google exec our media partner says it's unclear when the 29-year-old will be removed from the u.s. as of last night she was still being held in yuba county. she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter of her client. she injected the married father of five with heroin, and when he started to overdose on his yacht in santa cruz, she stepped over his body and left him. and then you may remember a man died while trying to rescue his dog in the water. after three days his dog has been found alive. on monday the sailboat capsized and he died trying to save his yellow lab in the water. the other man in the boat and a second dog were rescued and use
5:55 am
assumed the dog had drowned. and then two firefighters on a training mission found the dog on a beach near where the accident happened, and the dog was cold and shivering but was otherwise all right, and they were able to reunite the dog with his family. on wednesday, sfpd and the police commissioner thanked jay deichmann for his unselfish courage and timely intervention to help a officer getting assaulted who was trying to help a disoriented man, and the man wrestled the officer to the ground and deichmann pulled the suspect off of the officer and helped with restraining the man until other help arrived. we have unrestrained waves out at the coast. this beach hazard statement goes until 6:00 this evening. let's look at what happened with the rainfall.
5:56 am
one-third in san jose. half an inch in antioch, and nearly an inch in oakland and san francisco. and more than 2 1/2 inches in santa rosa. you can see it's quiet in the daylight hours, and then another quarter to half inch of rain from 7:00 to midnight tonight, and a few lighter showers tomorrow until about 2:00 in the afternoon. sue, how is the commute? >> well, it's wet. the roads are wet out there as you might imagine. we have a couple problems with mass transit. mass transit. the vallejo and ace train number three leaving on time out of the central valley. speaking of which, we will look at some of your drive times from tracy to dublin, looking good.
5:57 am
san rafael into san francisco, just under 20 minutes. roads are slick. we have a lot of solo spinouts, and so take your speeds down a notch and we will cover those in just a few minutes. new at 6:00, a reason to get your kids that pet they have been asking for. how an animal could improve their self-esteem. and then u.s. officials on alert after trump's action overseas, and the concern for our safety at home. our safety at home. storm watch
5:58 am
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now at shooting into the night sky. san francisco residents watch as a fire spreads through three richmond district buildings. >> the first intense winds and rain across the bay area, and trees falling as the storm moves through and crews working through the night to clear the
6:00 am
mess. and then conditions as we speak, not too bad right now but it's going to be damp and breezy throughout your friday. let's talk about what is going to happen with your friday with live doppler 7. you can see we have scattered showers out and about, and because of that it's going to remain damp during the morning hours. nthing like the heavy rain and damaging winds we had last night and all the wind advisories and warnings are gone. crossing the golden gate bridge, and then when we get to 7:00, we will have another batch of potentially heavy rain and gusts and thunderstorms moving through. so far so good as far as drive times but we have slick roads and a lot of solo spinouts out there, and a b.a.r.t. delay


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